The Early Reviews For ‘Detroit’ Are Coming In, And You Probably Won’t Be Surprised By What The Critics Are Saying

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When I first saw the trailer for Detroit, I instantly got the, “This is going to be good sh*t” feeling. That feeling is hardly ever wrong, so I was confident this film would receive positive reviews from critics.

And it looks like my feeling was right once again. The early reviews for the movie are coming in, and they are overwhelmingly positive. 66 reviews have been counted and 63 of them are positive.

David Edelstein from Vulture wrote:

“What Bigelow does – incomparably – is put us in that room with those people at that moment. She induces a feeling of powerlessness that’s beyond our capacity to imagine on our own, and she keeps it going…”

Ann Hornaday from The Washington Post gave the film four stars and wrote this powerful paragraph:

“It’s at this point that ‘Detroit,’ which was written by Bigelow’s frequent collaborator Mark Boal, goes from being a bluntly effective you-are-there exercise to something far more daring, sophisticated and unforgettably disturbing. Rather than treat the Algiers as yet one more data point within a timeline that eventually included the arrival of the National Guard and, finally, the U.S. Army, Bigelow drills down into one of American history’s most egregious cases of abuse of police power, bringing it to life with visceral detail and slowed-down meticulousness.”

It looks like it’s going to be more of the same from Bigelow, and that is definitely not a bad thing. She knows how to keep things tense and even a bit uncomfortable at times. We saw it with both The Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty. Her style of directing makes you feel like you’re there with the characters.

Detroit will hit theaters August 4, 2017. Make sure you check it out.

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