The Early Reviews For Creed II Are Starting To Come In, What Are The Critics Saying?

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The first ‘Creed‘ film surprised everyone with extremely positive reviews back in 2015. Heck, some people were saying Sylvester Stallone deserved an Oscar nomination for his performance.

Now three years later, Creed II is set to be released, and the early reviews are starting to come in.

And unfortunately, they’re not all that great. Slate’s film critic Sam Adams basically said there’s not enough story to justify this sequel…

“The movie feels like a throwback to a time when the primary purpose of sequels was to squeeze out a little more juice, not build a framework sturdy enough to support any number of future projects. It’s depressing that after Creed’s success, Creed II feels like it’s just a step above a straight-to-video knockoff.”

Damn. Sam went in hard, and he wasn’t the only one. The Hollywood Reporter’s Todd McCarthy wrote…

“As Rocky II was to Rocky, so is Creed II to its powerhouse progenitor — that is, a pale shadow of its daddy. Slack and unexciting compared to Ryan Coogler’s blisteringly good 2015 reconception of a 1970s icon for modern audiences, this follow-up is an undeniable disappointment in nearly every way, from its dreary homefront interludes to a climactic boxing match that feels far-fetched in the extreme.”

But there are some good reviews out there. Benjamin Lee of The Guardian wrote…

“While it’s not quite the showstopper that its predecessor was, Creed II is still another knockout piece of entertainment… Even though the majority of audience members will be able to predict the film’s trajectory despite an early attempt at a surprise, this has no adverse effect on one’s enjoyment.”

That’s probably one of the more positive reviews out there, and even Benjamin is essentially saying, “Eh. It’s not that bad.”

Looks like it might be a swing and miss for Creed II. You can see for yourself November 21, 2019.

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