Early Reports Say ‘Halloween’ Sequel Could Bring Home $65 Million During Opening Weekend

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October has been lit for Hollywood at the box office. ‘Venom‘ was released on October 5 and had the highest debut ever for the month of October, bringing in just over $80 million during its opening weekend.

A Star Is Born‘ was also released October 5 and it earned over $40 million during its opening weekend. In total, it’s made close to $100 million domestically.

And now the studios are hoping the box office success continues with the upcoming ‘Halloween‘ sequel. Some experts believe the film, which is set to be released October 19, could earn $65 million during its opening weekend. That would be a HUGE win for Universal.

The studio is trying to downplay the predictions, though. They are hoping for a $50 million debut, which is obviously the safe bet.

But if the audience reacts well to the film, then it’s going to earn way more than $50 million, and possibly even more than $65 million.

“Even the lower part of that range would easily shatter records for the best launch in the ‘Halloween’ franchise. The 2007 reboot holds that distinction now with $26 million. “Halloween” also looks to notch one of the best starts for an R-rated horror film. Given its $10 million production budget, the scary sequel is on track to be hugely profitable.”

And that’s the thing. Horror movies are super profitable because they can be made with the studio’s loose change.

So even if the film makes just $50 million during its debut, it’s still a win for the studio.




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