Early Box Office Tracking Predictions Claim ‘It’ Could Take Home More Than $50 Million During Its Opening Weekend

Published On August 17, 2017 » 768 Views» By Z-rowe »

Damn. The Stephen King adaptation ‘It‘ could break all kinds of box office records in September if the early tracking results are correct. The initial tracking suggests the horror film is on pace to bring in more than $50 million during its opening weekend.

That would be a huge number for a movie opening in September. No movie has reached that $50 million mark in a September opening. The best opening in the month was Hotel Transylvania 2’s $48 million debut back in 2015. Second on the list is the original Hotel Transylvania with $42 million.

Both of those films are marketed toward families and they are animated, which means it’s a little easier for them to make money at the box office.

‘It’ is a little different because it’s a horror film with an R-rating. You can’t bring the whole family to this movie, unless of course you don’t mind destroying your child’s life.

So if this movie does pass that $50 million mark, it will be pretty incredible. Typically, the early tracking numbers are accurate, so you should expect an opening weekend near $50 million.

If it receives mostly positive reviews from critics, then I think it easily passes $50 million. If the critics slam the movie, well, a number closer to $40 million should be expected. Either way, the film is going to be a success.

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