Dylan Sprouse’s Pandemic Thriller ‘Tyger Tyger’ Sets Release Date

Ever since their days on the ‘The Suite Life of Zack & Cody‘ the Sprouse twins have kinda hidden from the public eye. They took a break from acting, finished college and did “normal people” sh*t.

But now, they’re back. Cole Sprouse was the first to return a few years back, by starring in the hit CW series Riverdale.

Now? Dylan is ready to make his comeback. He’s already signed on to star in an upcoming show from Mindy Kaling, but before that gets released, you’ll be able to watch him in the pandemic thriller, Tyger Tyger.

The film is set during a deadly pandemic (yaaaay) and was written/directed by Kerry Mondragon

It follows a frustrated woman named Blake (Sam Quartin), who robs a pharmacy for life-saving medication while awaiting her test results during a pandemic. She ditches her loser boyfriend (Max Madsen) and makes a deal with a drug addict named Luke (Sprouse) to help distribute the stolen meds to those who need it.

Gravitas Ventures recently acquired worldwide rights to the film and they plan to release it inside theaters, drive-ins and on digital platforms, starting on February 26.

What’s interesting is they shot this before the pandemic, so this movie wasn’t inspired by the current crisis, which is a good thing.

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