Dwayne Johnson’s ‘San Andreas’ Gets a New Movie Poster and Trailer Ahead of Its May Release (Video)

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All of this summer’s big budget movies don’t involve super heroes, or maybe they do. That is if you consider The Rock a super hero. Depending on the movie, the character and the role I certainly do. People don’t realize that the Rock is larger than life. He’s 6 ft 5 inches tall and 255 pounds with no body fat. To me, that’s a freakin super hero if I ever saw one.

That also makes him perfect for action filled blockbusters. Let’s face it, he is this generations Schwarzenegger.

In the movie San Andreas, he plays a rescue chopper pilot who has to travel across an earthquake ravaged California to save his daughter. This is the 2nd movie that director Brad Payton and Dwayne Johnson have done together. The two teamed up in 2012’s ‘Journey 2: The mysterious Island’.

Warner Bros. has released another trailer and another movie poster ramping up the excitement for the May 29th release. With Clooney’s ‘Tomorrowland’ being released the week prior and the heavily anticipated ‘Entourage’ being released the week after, ‘San Andreas’ can have an easy day at the Box Office.

Check out the new promos below:


11MAR2015 - San-Andreas-poster




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