Dwayne Johnson And Kevin Hart Might Star Together In ‘Jumanji’ Remake!

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This is interesting. According to a new report from Variety, two of the biggest stars in Hollywood are looking to team up again for a remake of the Robin Williams classic, Jumanji.

Both Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson are extremely interested in this project, and it looks like the only thing standing in their way is their busy schedules. As mentioned above, they are two of the hottest starts right now, which means they are trying to juggle several projects.

But thanks to Johnson’s Rampage film being pushed back to 2017, the actor has an opening this fall before he starts filming the third season of his show on HBO. Hart will start work on The Intouchables remake late this summer, and Variety reports “working out this part of the schedule could prove difficult.”

In addition to working out the schedule, some sources believe Sony wants to wait to see how Johnson and Hart’s upcoming comedy Central Intelligence performs at the box office. If it’s a flop, then it might make the studio’s decision more difficult. It’s hard to see the film not bringing in a lot of money though. People loved Hart and Johnson during the MTV Movie Awards, you can bet they’re going to love them in June when the film is released.

Well keep you posted, but right now things are looking good. The Jumanji remake will hit theaters July 28, 2017. Hopefully Hart and Johnson will be in it.

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