‘Dumb & Dumber’ As An Oscar-Worthy Drama? We Got The Clever Recut Trailer Inside! (VIDEO)

Published On December 28, 2016 » 1400 Views» By Z-rowe »

This video is almost a year old now, but we never made a post about it, and it’s going viral again…so why not share it with you all?

Dumb & Dumber is a classic comedy film. We were also going to call it the stupidest film ever, but then we remembered Dude, Where’s My Car? was released in 2000.

Anyway, we all know there is nothing dramatic about Dumb & Dumber. The most dramatic scenes involve laxatives and this noise…

But what if the trailer for the movie looked a little different? Put in some dramatic music, sprinkle in some clever editing, and you have a completely different movie.

Check out the recut trailer below…




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