‘Dumb and Dumber To’ Movie Stills by John Spink

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You know we are a big fan of Dumb and Dumber (and now a much bigger fan of Jeff Daniels), so we will take set photos wherever we can get them. These come by way of photographer John Spink and Coming Soon.  As you can see, like we did originally Spink’s questioned if he were spelling the title correctly.  He was not.
Two photos appear to show to different angles of the same scene.  Jim Carrey’s character greeting what looks like Rachel Melvin who will be playing Penny Pichlow in the film.


Then we found more set photos on Jim Carrey’s own website





dumb and dumber to 1

Penny Picklow  is the daughter of Dr. Pichlow who’s stepmother Adele Pichlow is the villain in the sequel and is up to no good. She plots to use Harry and Lloyd to cover her tracks of wrong doing as the two search for a kidney.  Yes there is a plot!

Carrey, known for not doing sequel’s will reprise his role as Lloyd Christmas. Only the 2nd time since Ace Ventura the actor has repeated a character. When times get hard, actors get old, standards change. It’s ok, 20 years later and we are still excited.

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