Some Dude Stole Frances McDormand’s Oscar, And Then Boasted About It On Facebook Live Before Getting Arrested (VIDEO)

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For an hour or so, the dude you see in the video above was loving life. He was walking around the Governor’s Ball with an Oscar, which is like walking around with the key to the city. He posted a Facebook live video, showing off the Oscar and screaming, “We got it tonight, baby!”

He then asked the people around him, “Who wants to congratulate me?” because that sounds like something an actual Oscar winner would do.

Sources say he stole the Oscar from Best Actress winner Frances McDormand when she left her table briefly at the party. Thankfully, he was quickly tracked down when New York Times culture reporter Cara Buckley tweeted out the photo you see below…



As you can see from the caption, Frances was apparently cool with it and told everyone to let him go, but the security at the party wasn’t down with that.

They found him and reported him to the police. The man, 47-year-old Terry Bryant, was arrested on grand theft charges. Maybe next time he’ll just hire someone to make a replica. Seems like the smarter move.

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