Don’t Let The Trailers Fool You, Critics Say ‘Dirty Grandpa’ Might Be The Worst Movie Of 2016

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I’ll be honest. I am one of those people who are constantly getting duped into seeing terrible movies because their trailers did such a good job at hiding the terribleness. Thankfully, I’m starting to learn from my mistakes by checking out reviews before wasting my money.

And thanks to multiple reviews from critics, I will not be wasting my money on Zac Efron and Robert De Niro‘s comedy film, Dirty Grandpa. The trailers were moderately funny, and it looked like it might be a decent way to kill a few hours, but it looks like you’d be better off watching your grandpa try to master a hoverboard.

Dirty Grandpa currently has an 11% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. 17 rotten reviews and just two fresh reviews. And we should point out that the rotten reviews are extremely rotten. The critics aren’t saying things like, “It’s okay, I guess. If you like crude humor.”

No, they are calling it the the worst movie of the year. Daniel M. Kimmel from New England Movies Weekly wrote this in his review…

“The distributors of this cinematic crime is Lionsgate. Aware of just how awful the film is and yet wanting to fleece the public nonetheless, they demanded that film critics attending an advance screening agree to an embargo. That’s not unusual except for this: public showings begin Thursday night. The embargo for print reviews (although not online reviews) is Saturday, which just happens to be lowest circulation paper of the week. So spread the word. The worst movie of 2016 has just been released. It’s called ‘Dirty Grandpa.'”

Ouch. And if you’re thinking, “That’s just one guy!” Stop thinking that. Because we also have top critic Peter Howell who said, “Dirty Grandpa does have one distinction. It makes De Niro’s previous comedy low point Meet the Fockers look good by comparison.”

And then you have another top critic Nick Schager who wrote, “Robert De Niro hits rock-bottom opposite Zac Efron in this atrocious excuse for a comedy.”

Looks like you might want to stay away from this one.

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