‘A Dog’s Purpose’ Producer Defends Crew, Explains “Misleading” Leaked Video And Slams PETA

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You all should know about the drama surrounding A Dog’s Purpose. A film that was designed to show the special connection between humans and dogs. It was supposed to make us cry and love our pets even more than we already do.

And it did that, even before its release, but it was for all the wrong reasons. TMZ posted a video last week filmed on the set of the movie back in 2015. The video shows a dog being forced into a pool of water. If you haven’t seen it, you can click on this link. It’s a pretty disturbing video, and it ends on a really scary note when the dog goes under the water and a woman screams “CUT IT! CUT IT!”

The reaction from the internet was so severe that the studio decided to cancel the red carpet premiere in Los Angeles last weekend. And several organizations, including PETA, want people to boycott the movie.

Well, now we are hearing from one of the producers on the film. Gavin Polone wrote a long letter about the incident, claiming it “portrays an inaccurate picture of what happened.”

He also claims PETA is using this video to promote their “extreme” agenda to remove all animals from film.

“Not only have they been circulating the TMZ video, which portrays an inaccurate picture of what happened, but they have included a clip from our trailer where you see the dog jumping into a treacherous rushing wall of water. But THAT ISN’T A REAL DOG, it is a computer-generated dog leaping into the water. Isn’t that the definition of ‘fake news’?”

But even though he’s angry with PETA for taking advantage of this situation, he still wants to make it clear that he does not support what happened in the video. He believes the trainer should have removed the dog from the dangerous situation.

“These two things are absolutely INEXCUSABLE and should NEVER have happened. The dog trainer should have stopped trying to get the dog to go in the water as soon as the dog seemed uncomfortable, and the trainers should have had support under the dog as soon as he came to the side of the pool and/or had less turbulence in the water so he never would have gone under.”

You can read the complete letter by clicking on this link.




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