Divergent Finale Hit With Some Bad News Following Allegiant’s Poor Performance At The Box Office

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In the world of dystopian teen sci-fi novels/films, it’s clear the success of The Hunger Games franchise might not ever be touched. The Divergent Series had high hopes when the first film was released back in 2014. It received mostly positive reviews from critics and it earned over $288 million worldwide with just an $85 million budget.

But things started to go downhill from there with the release of Insurgent in March of 2015. The film scored just a 29% on Rotten Tomatoes with most critics calling it a “muddled mess.” And while the film still managed to bring in $297 million worldwide, the numbers actually dropped in North America by a cool $20 million.

Now with the release of Allegiant this year, the numbers are dropping even more. The film has been absolutely destroyed by critics, and it looks like even the hardcore fans are starting to agree with them. Allegiant brought home just $29 million during its opening weekend in the states.

A huge fall from Insurgent’s $52 million opening. And because of this, Lionsgate plans to cut the budget for the final film in the franchise, this according to sources who talked with The Hollywood Reporter.

“The budget for the next one will be reduced. They haven’t said by how much.”

Even though exact numbers haven’t been released, experts believe “at least several million dollars” will be slashed from the final film’s budget. The budget for Allegiant was set at $110 million, so it’s possible Ascendant’s budget will fall below $100 million.

The Divergent Series: Ascendant will crawl to a theater near you June 9, 2017.




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