Disney’s ‘Encanto’ Set Up To Have Massive $70 Million Thanksgiving Weekend

Every month, it seems like the box office gets a little better. As more time passes, more people feel comfortable enough to attend their local cinema.

And this Thanksgiving weekend will be a huge test. Thanksgiving is typically a great time for movies to be released. A lot of people have family visiting, and there’s nothing easier to do than to pack everyone up and send them to the movies.

According to a report from Deadline, Disney expects their latest feature ‘Encanto‘ to bring in around $40 million in domestic ticket sales this weekend. They believe they’ll get another $30 million overseas, which could set them up for a $70 million opening.

If it’s able to reach that mark, it’ll be a huge win for the studio. Typically, post-pandemic, the only movies crossing $50 million during opening weekend have been superhero films. So if Disney can hit that mark with an original animated film, it’ll be a big win.

The movie has received extremely positive reviews from critics, so all the ingredients are there for a successful holiday weekend.

The film tells the story of the Madrigals family, who occupy a magical house in an enchanted Columbian mountain town. The film follows Mirabel (voiced by Stephanie Beatriz), the only child in the family without magical abilities, who is tasked with saving the family and their home after realizing that their enchanted powers are at risk.

Check out the trailer below…

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