Disney Reveals It Had Over 10 Million Sign-Ups Just One Day After Disney+ Launch

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This week has been a wild one for Disney. They released their Disney+ streaming service on Tuesday (November 12) at midnight.

The launch was expected to be huge, but no one expected it would be THIS successful. According to Disney, they had over 10 million sign ups in just one day.

Analysts had projected Disney Plus would achieve upwards of 8 million subscribers by the end of 2019, helped by Verizon’s free one-year giveaway to unlimited wireless customers.

So it was expected to have 8 million subscribers by the end of 2019, and it already has over 10 million before Thanksgiving.

The low price ($6.99) probably helped things, along with the aforementioned Verizon deal. It’s a wonderful deal by the way. If you’re on their unlimited data plan, take advantage of it.

It’s likely the price goes up soon. It probably won’t stay this way forever. Netflix increased their prices and so will Disney. So get in at $6.99 while you can.

Longer term, Disney has projected that Disney Plus will have 60 million-90 million subscribers worldwide by 2024, with one-third of those in the U.S. The company has told Wall Street it expects to spend a little over $1 billion on original content for Disney Plus in its fiscal year 2020, ramping up to the $2.5 billion range by 2024.

They are taking over, folks. Ain’t nothing you can do about it. I’ll admit, I signed up for Disney+, but only because them Disney Channel Original movies are on there. That’s my childhood!

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