Disney Drops Trailer For Live Action ‘Aladdin’ Movie, And Fans Are Hating On Will Smith’s Appearance As Genie

Published On February 11, 2019 » 136 Views» By Z-rowe »

Remember when Disney released the first photos from their live action ‘Aladdin‘ remake, and people were all pissed off because Will Smith’s Genie wasn’t blue? Well, now they’re pissed because he’s too blue!

The first trailer for the film dropped during the Grammys last night, and people are not happy with Will Smith’s makeup.

One angry user wrote…

“I just stepped outside and … how are there not crashed cars? How are there not people walking around in a daze? Have they not seen the Will Smith genie yet? Dare I show them?”

Another wrote…

“It turns out that Will Smith’s Aladdin Genie will haunt my nightmares.”

And while they are obviously being dramatic, he does look a little, uh, strange. Maybe they went a little too hard with the blueness? Or…I don’t know. I’m not sure how to fix it. My advice would have been to not make a live action remake in the first place.

Aladdin will hit theaters May 24, 2019. Check out the trailer below…




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