Disney Channel’s Next Original Movie Will Be A High School Musical Love Story Featuring Zombies!

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The cast of the upcoming ZOMBIES film.

Have you ever wondered what High School Musical would be like if Zac Efron’s character was a zombie? No? The thought has never crossed your mind? Oh, okay.

Disney Channel has announced the start of production on Zombies, a new TV movie musical, featuring teen zombies from Zombietown who join human teens at Seabrook High School.

“A music- and dance-filled story about a groundbreaking semester at Seabrook High School; the pride and joy of Seabrook, a suburban town preoccupied with uniformity, traditions and pep rallies. That is until transfer students from Zombietown integrate into the school and a cheerleader and zombie football star, Addison and Zed, fall in love.”

Jesus Christ. Zombietown, cheerleader/football star romance, Zed the zombie…are they even trying anymore?

The film is being directed by Jeffrey Hornaday, and that name should sound familiar to you Disney Channel fans out there. He’s the director behind Teen Beach Movie, and the upcoming High School Musical 4.

Adam Bonnett, executive vice president of Original Programming at Disney Channels Worldwide, released the following statement…

“We’re thrilled to be working with Jeffrey Hornaday again to bring this new world of zombies and cheerleading to life. Jeffrey and Chris Scott have delivered some of our most memorable musical sequences on Disney Channel; and now with Effie Brown on board as an executive producer, we are excited to deliver this inspirational story about tolerance, inclusion, individuality and conviction – each relatable themes for our viewers.”

Lovely. We can’t wait. The film is expected to premiere on Disney Channel in 2018.

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