Director Jon M. Chu Promises That ‘In The Heights’ Will Be In A Theater Near You, NO MATTER WHAT!

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This coronavirus pandemic has placed the movie world on an indefinite hold. Several big films have seen their release date pushed back months, and even a full year in some cases.

And some movies, have been pushed off the schedule completely. Some smaller films will never get their time in a theater, but director Jon M. Chu promises ‘In the Heights‘ will not be one of those movies.

The film, which is based on the hit musical written by some guy named Lin-Manuel Miranda, was set to be released June 25th, but Warner Bros. has delayed the release indefinitely.

During an interview with Variety, Chu admits that the word “indefinitely” is a bit vague, but he promises that the film will open in theaters at some point.

We’re gonna have a date. It’s just about if we choose a date now, we’d probably have to shift it later. So, we’re not going to commit to one now.

What we are committed to is, it’s going to be in a theater. It has to be in a theater. It demands to be in a theater. This community lived a life that deserves to be on the big screen and celebrated in the biggest magical way, [and] we’re going to deliver that.

So if you’re worried that In the Heights will get pushed to some streaming service, don’t worry! CHU IS FIGHTING FOR YOU!

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