Director Christopher Nolan Denies Anne Hathaway’s Claim That He Doesn’t Allow Chairs On Set

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Twitter is the land of outrage. Sometimes the outrage is warranted, but most of the time, it’s just a bunch of people bored at work who are wanting to put their unused energy into something.

Earlier this week, Twitter got all mad at Christopher Nolan after Anne Hathaway made the claim that he doesn’t allow chairs on set.

Hathaway made the claim during a recent Actors on Actors interview…

Chris’ whole approach to filmmaking is one of my favorite ones. He’s broken it down to its most minimal, but also his movies are just so huge and ornate. That combination of really being intentional about what it was that we were doing — and also, he’s just so inspiring.

He doesn’t allow chairs, and his reasoning is, if you have chairs, people will sit, and if they’re sitting, they’re not working. I mean, he has these incredible movies in terms of scope and ambition and technical prowess and emotion. It always arrives at the end under schedule and under budget. I think he’s onto something with the chair thing.

So as you can see, she wasn’t even mad about it. She seemed to admire it, but Twitter decided to get mad for her. They put Nolan on blast and claimed he was creating an unfair and toxic work environment.

Well, Nolan’s rep decided to address the chair controversy and clear a few things up…

For the record, the only things banned from [Christopher Nolan’s] sets are cell phones (not always successfully) and smoking (very successfully). The chairs Anne was referring to are the directors chairs clustered around the video monitor, allocated on the basis of hierarchy not physical need. Chris chooses not to use his but has never banned chairs from the set. Cast and crew can sit wherever and whenever they need and frequently do.

There you have it. Outrage over.

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