Diablo Cody Reveals She Will Never Direct A Film Again, But She Will Continue To Write Stories

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The name Diablo Cody probably sounds familiar to you. She’s done a little bit of everything in life: a stripper, journalist, and eventually an Oscar-winning screenwriter for her work on the 2007 surprise hit Juno.

And then in 2013, she decided she wanted to try directing as well, so she directed a movie titled Paradise. The film did not perform well with critics and Cody hasn’t directed a movie since.

During a recent interview, she was asked if she would ever direct another film again, and she made it clear that she would not.

“No, never. I’m retired. I’m done directing. I can only talk to a certain amount of people per day, it’s like I have a limit. When you’re directing, you’re just bombarded with questions and you live the film for the duration of production, and I can’t live the film. I have to eat, drink, hang out with my kids. I’m not that focused of a person. So it’s a very specific personality type that makes a good director. And I ain’t it.”

But that doesn’t mean she’s done with Hollywood. She is still telling stories. Most recently, she wrote the screenplay for ‘Tully,’ which has been receiving great reviews from critics. The film stars Charlize Theron, and every single time I’ve watched the trailer play before a movie at the theater, the audience has laughed and seemed genuinely interested.

Tully will hit theaters this weekend (May 4) and you should probably go check it out.




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