He Deserves Better: J.J. Abrams Reveals ‘Star Trek’ Won’t Recast Anton Yelchin

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A month ago, the Star Trek universe was hit with some heartbreaking news. Anton Yelchin, the actor behind the Chekov character in the Star Trek films, passed away in a freak accident outside his home. His Jeep Grand Cherokee rolled backwards and pinned him against a metal security gate.

It was the second tragedy to hit the Star Trek family. As most of you know, the legendary Leonard Nimoy passed away while they were in pre-production on Star Trek Beyond. It’s been a difficult year or two for the cast & crew, but one thing they refuse to do is pretend like the tragedies never happened.

Producer J.J. Abrams talked to Postmedia Network recently about the upcoming Star Trek film, and he was asked about how they might handle Yelchin’s character in the next movie. He admitted that it was too soon to really think about, but he made it clear they will not replace him with another actor.

“I would say there’s no replacing him. There’s no recasting. I can’t possibly imagine that, and I think Anton deserves better. I have thought about it [killing off the character,] we’re working on it, and it’s too early to talk about it.”

Apparently, Yelchin’s role in this latest film is larger compared to his work in the two previous movies, so the audience will get to see just how talented he was.

Those who have seen early screenings of Star Trek Beyond confirm both Nimoy and Yelchin are memorialized in the closing credits.





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