Death Race 2050 Red Band Trailer – Yes! 50 Points for Senior Citizens (Trailer)

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Roger Corman and his wife Julie Corman are the producers of Death Race 2050. This is crazy because Corman is the creator of the original movie and is now 90 years old! What a way to go out! That is assuming he doesn’t have one or two more projects under his high waisted belt.

I’m sure he spent countless nights thinking, “if only he could re shoot his classic, using today’s technology. How wonderful it would that be?”. That is exactly what he has done.

While it won’t win for best picture, it might when for Best Film, best film to watch without the wife and kids in the man cave (runner up: John Wick). Nobody has time to explain why hitting humans earns you points but not in the real world. This film will go right to DVD and Blue-ray on January 17th. It will include some special features such as: The making of the film, a behind the scenes look at the cars in the movie, and a featurette on set design, visual style and the costumes.

Watch the red band trailer below.




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  1. saeco says:

    Front and center are manic performances from Malcolm McDowell, who plays The Chairman, the all-powerful ruler of a corporate government, and Manu Bennett, who plays Frankenstein, the reigning champion of the Death Race who s barely more man than machine.

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