Deadwood Revival Movie Plans To Start Production In 2018, Get The Details Inside!

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Fans of HBO’s hit drama ‘Deadwood‘ have been waiting years for some sort of revival. Most everyone agrees, the show was canceled too soon. It’s up there with Freaks and Geeks as far as unjust cancellations go.

For a few years now, there have been talks about bringing the show back with a movie. It’s been an incredibly slow process, but now it looks like real progress is being made. The movie hasn’t received an official green light, but sources have confirmed HBO is eyeing a fall 2018 production start.

Earlier this year at TCA, creator David Milch revealed he wrote a script that would appeal to fans and non-fans alike. The creative team at HBO certainly liked it, and they have been talking to a few directors. Cast members from the original show have also been contacted about their availability.

TvLine explains:

“Paula Malcomson, who played ‘Trixie the Whore’ opposite Ian McShane’s F-bomb spewing Al Swearengen on the beloved series, recently told TVLine that the two-hour continuation is ‘a big Valentine’ to the pair. She also expressed confidence that despite a long and rocky development period, ‘I really think it will happen [this time]. And I would never say that. I’m usually the most cynical about these things.'”

Even though it’s not official, it seems pretty official. We will keep you posted as more information is revealed.




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