On This Day 15 Years Ago, The Classic Holiday Film ‘Elf’ Was Released

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Elf‘ is a true holiday classic. It’s aired on almost every basic cable channel throughout the month of December. It’s fun for the whole family and is truly a movie you can watch over and over again.

And given how popular it still is today, it’s hard to believe it was released 15 years ago. The Christmas comedy starring Will Ferrell was released on November 7, 2003. It made over $220 million at the box office and has gone on to make much more than that.

Some people don’t remember that Jon Favreau actually directed the movie. That name probably sounds familiar to you. Favreau directed the live-action remake of ‘The Jungle Book‘ in 2016.

David Berenbaum, the screenwriter who created this classic, had just moved to Los Angeles from the East Coast when he wrote the script. He was missing the holiday spirit in LA because it was sunny and in the 80s in December.

So he decided to write a Christmas flick to put his mind back in the holiday season…

 “It was very comforting to write a Christmas movie when you miss the snow, and there’s a heatwave outside.”

And now his words have comforted millions of people across the world every December.

Check out this classic scene from the movie…

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