David Spade Is Looking A Lot Different For His New Movie, We Got Photos Of His Transformation From Set!

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Things are looking good for ol’ Joe Dirt these days. As some of you may have heard, David Spade has been getting extremely comfortable with Naya Rivera recently. In April, they took a trip to Hawaii together and the paparazzi caught them getting cozy in a pool.

It seems like an odd relationship. Spade isn’t exactly know for his looks, and he’s 52-years-old. Rivera is almost exclusively known for her looks and she’s just 30-years-old. But it makes a bit more sense when you remember that Rivera is a huge fan of comedy, and according to rumors going around Hollywood for years, Spade is swinging a huge stick.

Moving on from his personal life, Spade’s career is still going strong as well. He’s filming a movie titled ‘Who Do You Think Would Win?‘ in Massachusetts. We don’t know anything about the plot, or who else might be starring in the movie, but we do know Brandon’s Dads Productions is behind it. It appears to be an extension of Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions.

Filming is currently taking place in a town called Hudson. They will be in town most of the week. Assistant location manager Joe Piasecki told local reporters the following…

“After several months of scouting towns across Massachusetts, the production has decided that the picturesque look of Main Street in Hudson would be the perfect setting for this film.”

We’ll keep you posted on this movie. Hopefully more information is released soon. And if you want more Spade right now, check out his guest-starring role in the second season of Netflix’s Love. He was great in it. Hopefully he returns for the third season.

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