The Darkness Continues With New ‘Justice League’ Trailer

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One of the biggest problems with Batman v Superman (at least according to critics) was that it was too dark. It was just so depressing that it made people feel uncomfortable after watching it.

It made everyone have the sad Affleck face…

Personally, I love dark sh*t. That wasn’t the problem with the movie, at least not in my already depressed eyes.

But I can see how it would be a problem for most, especially for the average viewer who just wants to be entertained by a comic book movie for two hours. They don’t want the troubles of the real world seeping in.

So a lot of people figured director Zack Snyder would get the message and make Justice League a bit brighter.

Did he do it? Did he turn up the fun? Maybe….

This new trailer for Justice League is slightly improved. It’s not nearly as dark as the trailers for Batman v Superman, and the music at the end certainly helps, so we’ll see what happens.

Check it out below. The film is expected to hit theaters November 17, 2017. Just in time for the already depressing holiday season!




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