Dangerous Leaf Blower Prank Inside Movie Theater Injures Multiple People

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It seems like going to the movie theater gets more dangerous every single day. 10 years ago, the only thing you had to worry about was how you were going to sneak your entire kitchen pantry inside the theater without getting caught.

But now? It seems like there is a new theater shooting at least once a month. For some reason, people love to target theaters with their foolish behavior. People inside a Newport Beach movie theater had their movie experience ruined when pranksters entered a screening of the psychological thriller, The Gift.

According to the reports, one of the suspects was holding a leaf blower over his head. He revved its engine to create panic inside the theater. People started running and screaming, and multiple people were injured during the madness.

One injured witness told reporters the following…

“You’re literally thinking [about] ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre,’ like there’s crazy people out there. You’re in a theater, and you think you’re going to die. [It was] like fight-or-flight, and some lady pushed me and I fell on the ground, and like seven or eight people trampled over my leg, and over my head.”

By the time police arrived, the pranksters were long gone; however, the theater does have security cameras and those are currently being reviewed. Hopefully they find something in the footage, because the reports from the people inside aren’t helping. So far, the suspects have been described as “White or Hispanic, in their late teens to early 30s,” which is pretty vague.

Police say it doesn’t matter if it was supposed to be a prank, “The fear that was incited in moviegoers was very much influenced by what’s going on in the rest of the country.” Jennifer Manzella of the Newport Beach Police Department said.

Hopefully they find the people. I mean, why did they have to pick a screening of The Gift? That’s probably the best movie currently playing inside theaters. If you’re going to act like a freaking idiot, at least act like an idiot inside a movie no one cares about.

It probably would have been a nice distraction inside a Fantastic Four screening.

Source: CBS Los Angeles

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