Crime-Thriller ‘Infamous’ Starring Bella Thorne Will Premiere In Dozens Of Drive-In Theaters

The drive-in movie theater experience has made a comeback, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Who knows if their resurgence will stick around after theaters reopen, but for right now, they’re feeling good.

Drive-ins are feeling so good that they’re even making exclusive deals with indie films. It’s being reported that Bella Thorne’s crime-thriller, Infamous, will premiere in close to three dozen drive-ins across the country.

It’ll also be available to stream starting on June 12.

The pic was written and directed by Joshua Caldwell. The deal was negotiated by Peter Jarowey and Josh Spector at Vertical with Arianne Fraser of Highland Film Group on behalf of the filmmakers. Highland is repping foreign sales on Infamous. 

So what is this movie about? Well, Thorne plays a woman who works at a diner in some small town in Florida. She’s stuck and has dreams of becoming famous.

But when she falls for a recently paroled young criminal named Dean, she drags him back into a life of danger, learning that posting their criminal exploits on social media is an easy way to viral fame. They embark on a dangerous adventure together that leads to robbery, cop chases, and murder.

I mean, sure…I guess? It’s a movie. A new movie, and people are desperate for new movies right now, so perhaps this will find success at the drive-in.

Check out the trailer below…

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