‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Becomes The Highest-Grossing Romantic Comedy In 10 Years

Published On October 1, 2018 » 402 Views» By Z-rowe »

It’s been over a month since Crazy Rich Asians was released inside theaters, and it’s still breaking records.

According to estimates from Box Office Mojo, the movie is now the highest-grossing romantic comedy in the U.S. in 10 years. It just surpassed the 2009 film, The Proposal, which starred Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock.

Crazy Rich Asians has made a total of $165.7 million. The Proposal made just under $163 million.

“The movie, released in August and based on Kevin Kwan’s novel satirizing affluent families in Asia, has been especially significant for Asian-American audiences as the first major Hollywood studio film in 25 years to star a majority-Asian cast.”

It’s pretty insane how successful this movie has been. I mean, I think a lot of people expected it to perform well, but these numbers are spectacular. Before this movie, the romantic comedy was kinda dead. They brought it back to life.

I’m telling you right now, the romantic comedy genre is going to return because of this movie. I’m not saying the return will be great, but Hollywood will try to take advantage of this.

Love this movie or hate it, but at least show some respect and admire it.




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