Crazy ‘Over-Protective’ Father Shoots (And Kills) Daughter’s Boyfriend In Movie Theater Parking Lot

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Some truly crazy things go down at movie theaters, and sadly someone died last Friday at a movie theater in Arlington, TX. After a movie theater date with his girlfriend, 22-year-old Omar Soto saw her father in the parking lot and went over to introduce himself.

The father gunned down Soto before he got the chance to properly introduce himself. He then got inside his vehicle and ran over both Soto and his own daughter who was trying to save her boyfriend.

Soto died at the scene. His girlfriend, whose identity has not been released, was rushed to the hospital. Last we heard, she was alive, but in serious condition. According to the reports, the father took his own life after driving away from the accident scene.

NBC DFW explains:

“Detectives soon learned that the girl’s father, later identified by the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s office as 43-year-old Rafael Brena Arteaga, followed the couple to a movie theater at the shopping center.

Police said as the couple and a female friend exited the theater and walked to their car, Arteaga cut them off. A witness told police it appeared Soto walked up to Arteaga to introduce himself. Police said when Arteaga asked Soto his name, Soto responded and Arteaga shot him multiple times. Arteaga then got into his vehicle and ran over both Soto and his daughter, before driving away, police said.¬†According to police, Arteaga, who had no criminal record and was a licensed gun carrier, was known to be “over protective” and “possessive” of his daughter.”

Pretty crazy sh*t. That poor girl is going to be traumatized for the rest of her life.

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