Country Strong Review

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So last night I rented Country Strong, with Gwyneth Paltrow and Tim McGraw. Aside from McGraw having what appeared to be a full head of hair, I was pretty impressed with the film.

Typical story of a county struggle, but told a bit differently. Paltrow is a superstar already and in rehab. Getting out of rehab early, she embarks on an encore tour to renew her career after a horrible mishap 9 months prior.

If you have not seen this movie already, I won’t give away big details, but I will tell you this; break out the kleenex. Maybe I am just emotional right now or maybe Country StrongĀ  just really tugs at the heart strings.

Although the storyline seems to move fast and not give much history on the characters, you become completely involved in their mess. I thought McGraw did a fine job and Patrow’s voice was exceptional. However, I have been waiting for Paltrow to take up a singing career since I heard her version of Betty Davis Eyes about 10 years ago.

I don’t like her singing country though….although she did great; as a matter of fact I will be downloading a few songs today from the film.

Have you seen it? Thoughts?

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