Could A ‘Gilmore Girls’ Movie Actually Happen? Get The Details Inside!

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We know Gilmore Girls fans desperately want a movie, and now we know Scott Patterson (Luke Danes) also wants to see a reunion on the big screen. Just before the highly anticipated Gilmore Girls reunion panel at the ATX Television Festival, the actor revealed there may be an even bigger reunion coming soon.

Patterson made an appearance on the Gilmore Guys podcast and said that, “there are talks going on at the moment.”

He also made it clear that he couldn’t reveal too much…

“I can’t really go into any details, but there is some activity. I’m hopeful, and I’m in. I think it would be a big event, and I think it would be a great fan celebration.”

It’s certainly possible that he was talking about the big reunion coming up at the festival; however, during an interview with The Huffington Post, Patterson admitted there have been conversations about a movie…

“I don’t want to give the fans false hope. I will say there have been some conversations.”

Interesting, right? And Gilmore Girls fans, Patterson feels your pain when it comes to the wedding that never happened.

“Let’s just go out and say the ‘w’ word. They wanted a wedding and they didn’t get it. They have every right to be a little miffed by that. I was miffed by that.”

Will fans get the ending they always wanted with a movie? Or will this reunion be the last big splash for the show?




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