Comedy Film ‘Good Boys’ Surprises At The Box Office With Outstanding $21 Million Opening Weekend

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I’ll be honest, I did not see this coming. Universal has been pushing ‘Good Boys‘ hard. I think I was invited to at least three or four screenings for the movie. Usually, that’s a bad sign.

But in this case, the extreme marketing may have helped. The r-rated comedy, which was produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, opened this past weekend to $21 million.

It’s the first r-rated comedy film to debut in first place at the box office since the 2016 film, The Boss, which somehow made $23 million during its opening weekend. I don’t even remember the film.

Anyway, this is a huge win for Universal and for comedies in general. They have been struggling at the box office this year, even really good comedies like Booksmart. Booksmart had rave reviews, a talented cast, and it still only made $6 million during its opening weekend.

It’s a strange time for comedies at the box office, but hopefully they can be saved because it’s the one genre that I prefer watching inside a theater. There is something contagious about the laughter in a packed theater.

Just imagine if you watched Superbad at home by yourself on a laptop. It would have been enjoyable, but the experience wouldn’t have been as incredible as watching it with 100 other laughing people.

So yeah, even if you didn’t like this ‘Good Boys’ film. Still celebrate its victory.

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