Comedic Genius: Denzel Washington Parody in the Movie ‘The Equalizer” by King Bach is Hilarious!

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King Bach as Denzel Washington

For those who don’t know who King Bach is, he is a comedian that has mastered the art of the internet and has used it and his talent to propel himself to stardom. He has over 9 million Vine Followers and his Youtube account BachelorsPadTV has racked up over 500,000 subscribers and over 15 million total views. He now has a recurring role on Wild N Out, House of Lies, and Adult Swim’s Black Jesus.

If you are wondering if he really is that funny, this parody of “The Equalizer” will answer that question. As you will see his depiction of Denzel is spot on and entertaining as hell. I stumbled onto this while searching for “The Equalizer” trailer. After 30 seconds I was hooked, right to the very end and had to share.


If you enjoy this, you can also check out King Bach’s parody of the movie “Flight”. I don’t know which one I enjoyed more.

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