Cinemark Plans To Reopen, Is Confident Christopher Nolan’s ‘Tenet’ Film Will Be Released On July 17

While the nation’s biggest theater chain, AMC, is losing money and falling fast, Cinemark is seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

They have announced reopening plans and are confident they’ll be more than ready for the release of Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster film, Tenet, which is scheduled to be released July 17.

Cinemark CEO Mark Zoradi was confident this week while speaking on a conference call

We’ve been in close contact with Warner Bros. and they remain optimistic and positive as well as Christopher Nolan about the July 17 opening. Of course, it depends on the continued positive movement due to the decline of COVID-19 and government restrictions being reduced.

But he added that obviously there are no guarantees. It’s entirely possible that Warner Bros. pushes the release date back. It’ll likely depend on how theaters look at the end of June/beginning of July.

The thriller ‘Unhinged’ starring Russell Crowe is scheduled to get a wide release on July 1. So if that goes well, it’s likely Warner Bros takes a chance with their July 17 opening.

But if no one shows up to watch Unhinged, you can bet yo’ a** that Warner Bros. will push back the release date for Tenet.

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