Christian Bale Has Transformed Into Dick Cheney In First Trailer For ‘Vice’

We all know Christian Bale is not afraid to completely change his body for a movie. He dropped a lot of weight for The Machinist, gained weight for American Hustle, and then gained muscle for The Dark Knight franchise.

And for his latest project, Vice, he gained 40lbs to accurately portray former Vice President Dick Cheney. Some of you might be thinking, “Oh, poor Bale. He got to eat anything he wanted!” But it’s not that simple. He had to gain those 40 pounds in a short time period, and he had to do it safely, so he had help from a nutritionist. It wasn’t like he was eating double cheeseburgers every single day.

Anyway, it looks like the hard work paid off, ’cause Bale looks eerily similar to Cheney in the trailer you see below.

The trailer opens with Bush, played by Sam Rockwell, attempting to recruit Cheney to be his Number Two. Cheney comes ready to bargain. ‘I’m a CEO of a large company,’ he explains in a somber, gravelly voice. ‘I have been Secretary of Defense, and I have been White House Chief of Staff. The Vice Presidency is a mostly symbolic job.'”

Adam Mckay directed this movie, which is set to hit theaters this Christmas. In addition to Bale and Rockwell, Vice will co-star Steve Carrell and Amy Adams.

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