Christian Bale Talks About Losing All The Weight He Gained For Dick Cheney Role Before Filming ‘Ford v Ferrari’

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As you probably remember, Christian Bale revealed last year that he gained 40 pounds to play Dick Cheney in the 2018 film, Vice. The weight gain was worth it as he was nominated for Best Actor at the Oscars.

But after gaining all that weight, he had to lose most of it pretty fast for his next role in Ford v Ferrari.

On Monday, the award-winning actor told Variety that he couldn’t fit inside the race car at first…

I had to get in the car. I could not bloody – these things are not made for comfort, these cars. They’re tight. So, I couldn’t bloody get in them. That would have been a whole different film.

They filmed this flick back in the summer of 2018, so he was fresh off his weight gain. No word on what he did to lose the weight, but at this point, he seems to have mastered the art of losing/gaining weight for a role.

Ford v Ferrari is set to hit theaters November 15, 2019. Matt Damon co-stars in the movie.

You can check out the trailer below…

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