Chris Rock’s ‘Saw’ Reboot Has Wrapped Production, Now It’s Time To Hit The Editing Room

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We told you earlier this year that Chris Rock was writing a script for a ‘Saw‘ reboot. It was a shock to everyone, but apparently, Rock is a huge horror fan, specifically the Saw franchise.

He had a clear idea for a reboot, pitched it to the producers behind the franchise, and now here we are. Not only did he co-write the script, he’s also starring in the film.

Director Darren Lynn Bousman revealed this week that filming had wrapped. He shared the photo you see below to his Twitter account….

Not much is known about this movie, but we do know Rock will play a police detective investigating a series of gruesome crimes. Samuel L. Jackson will play his father.

Beyond that, we don’t know much. We just know everyone involved is promising that it’s a “fresh take.”

No word on a release date, but considering filming just wrapped, we have to assume it’ll be released sometime in 2020, likely in September or October.




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