Chris Rock Reveals His Top 5 Favorite Comedies While Promoting His New Film ‘Top Five’

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A little over a month ago we showed you all the trailer for Chris Rock’s new film, Top Five. As we mentioned in the post, the film generated a lot of excitement during the Toronto Film Festival.

And the excitement has continued.

So far, it has received mostly positive reviews. There have been some less encouraging reviews, but you can’t please everybody. The film was written and directed by Chris Rock, and is scheduled for a Dec. 5 release date.

Of course, the comedian has been busy lately promoting the film, and the interview he did recently with Entertainment Weekly caught my eye.

In the interview, Rock was asked to name his top 5 favorite comedies of all-time. You may be a little surprised to see his number one.


No. 5 – “Borat”

“Borat is like the first time you did heroin, you know what I mean. Just greeeeat! I’ve never shot up but something tells me it’s like seeing Borat for the first time.”



No. 4 – “South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut”

“There’s no movie that ever got bigger laughs than South Park. Ever. You’ve never laughed that hard in a movie theater.”



No. 3 – “Superbad”

“It’s a completely heterosexual love story that literally made me cry the first time I saw it. Superbad has the best Jonah Hill performance ever.”



No. 2 – “Broadway Danny Rose”

“When push comes to shove, it’s kind of my favorite Woody Allen movie. It’s kind of a perfect movie.”



No. 1 – “The Nutty Professor”

“If a comedian’s ever been robbed of an Oscar, it’s Eddie Murphy in The Nutty Professor. Years after Saturday Night Live, you got Eddie playing five or six characters in a movie—and I had never seen any of them.”

You can click here to see the full quotes and read what his 5 favorite fast food meals are.




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