Chris Nolan on working with actors

Published On March 29, 2011 » 688 Views» By Pedro Sttau »

I just couldn’t resist, I absolutely love the way Christopher Nolan explains his process in working with actors. It doesn’t surprise me the way every single actor that has worked with him praises the way he handles actors, and his work methodology.

Chris Nolan believes in giving space to actors to create and express their interpretation of the script that has been given to them. It’s this freedom that provides a sense of ownership to the actors, making them feel that they part of the creative process and that their actually voice matters.

It’s common to see directors consult with actors during the filming process, but its not so common to see directors actually listen to actors.

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  1. Bapun says:

    it is really true.these events are not common in general life.

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