Chloë Moretz Says Piracy Killed Hit-Girl And ‘Kick-Ass 3’

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Fans of the Kick-Ass films will likely be disappointed after hearing what Chloë Moretz told Digital Spy recently. The 17-year-old actress was asked if she would be returning to her role as Hit-Girl in the Kick-Ass franchise.

She replied with a very honest and gloomy answer.

“Sadly, I think I’m done with the character. Hit-Girl was a very cool character, but I don’t think there will be any more movies. You make these movies for the fanboys, but nowadays everyone seems to pirate them rather than watch them in the movie theatre.”

Before we show you the rest of her quote, we need to take a moment to defend our fanboys. There were a number of reasons Kick-Ass 2 didn’t deliver at the box office. The critics disliked the film. It didn’t even crack the 30% mark on Rotten Tomatoes. That certainly didn’t help.

You know what else didn’t help? Jim Freakin’ Carrey. He refused to promote the movie, and publicly denounced his involvement in the violent film.

“I did Kickass a month b4 Sandy Hook and now in all good conscience I cannot support that level of violence.”

Remember that? That probably did more damage than piracy. As Moretz mentions down below, Kick-Ass 2 did have a big problem with piracy, but it’s not the reason it only took in $28 million in the United States.

”‘Kick-Ass 2′ was one of the number one pirated movies of the year, but that doesn’t help us because we need box office figures. We need to prove to the distributors that we can make money from a third and a fourth movie – but because it didn’t do so well, we can’t make another one. If you want more than one movie, everyone has to go and see movies at the cinema. It’s all about the numbers in the theater.”

What do you think? Did piracy defeat Kick-Ass?

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