Children Traumatized After Theater In Ohio Shows ‘Insidious 3’ Instead Of ‘Inside Out’

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Mistakes happen. Me being here right now is a mistake. I was born eight years after my two brothers, do you really think my parents wanted to have another kid? Heck no. But thankfully, the mistake my parents made over 20 years ago blossomed into a lovely young man.

The mistake that happened last weekend at a theater in Ohio? Well, it didn’t have have such a happy ending. A group of preschoolers were prepared to watch the adorable Pixar film Inside Out. But thanks to someone in the projection booth mixing up Inside Out with Insidious 3, those kids and their parents got a terrifying surprise.

One mom posted a message to the local newspaper’s Facebook page…

“I got our money back. But the damage is already done. [M]y children are terrified and keep asking questions.”

According to the mother, the kids “witnessed images of children being tied up and murdered,” before she and other adults decided to stop the madness. The staff was apologetic and gave free movie passes to every person inside the theater. They also upgraded everyone to 3D for free.

But what about those children being tied up and murdered? Those kids are going to have nightmares for months. We should note that Insidious 3 apparently doesn’t show any children being murdered, so what the parents and kids probably saw was the trailer for Sinister 2.

Either way, we are sure the experience was frightening. There is no way the trailer you see below would have played before a normal screening of Inside Out.





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