You Have To Check Out The Trailer For Ethan Hawke’s Upcoming Outlaw Country Music Drama ‘Blaze’

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You all know Ethan Hawke is my favorite person in Hollywood. He gives the best interviews, stars in some of the most moving films, and truly cares about his craft. He is an inspiring person.

Recently, Hawke has been dabbling in the directing world. He has said that acting is his true profession, it’s how he feeds his family, but directing is a passionate hobby.

And I think it’s safe to say, directing could easily become his profession if he wanted it to.

His new film, Blaze, received outstanding reviews from critics who saw the premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. The film follows the tragic life and the legacy of Texas outlaw country artist Blaze Foley.

The movie stars Ben Dickey, who is new to the acting world, but not the stage. He’s worked as a musician most of his life, but after this film hits theaters, he might be switching careers.

Alia Shawkat (Arrested Development, Search Party) also stars in the movie as Blaze’s love interest. And according to the critics, it’s the romance and chemistry between Shawkat and Dickey that makes this movie work so well…

“The greatest magic of ‘Blaze,’ however, comes from the romance it presents between Foley and Sybil, which is articulated with such genuine chemistry by Dickey and Shawkat that it’s the best on-screen relationship I’ve seen in many a moon (it’s certainly a highlight for all of this year’s festival).”

Blaze will hit theaters in August in Texas, and then will be released across the country in September.




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