Check Out The First Image Of Joe Pesci And Robert De Niro In Netflix’s ‘The Irishman’

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Netflix plans to release Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman‘ on its streaming platform later this year, but before the release, the mob drama will premiere at the 2019 New York Film Festival.

The movie will actually kick off the 57th edition of the festival, which will begin on September 27, 2019.

After the festival premiere, The Irishman will be released in select theaters and worldwide on Netflix. Joe Pesci, Al Pacino and Robert De Niro star in the movie.

Pesci stars as Pennsylvania mob boss Russell Bufalino, with Pacino co-starring as Teamsters president Jimmy Hoffa, and De Niro as their right-hand man, the titular Irishman, Frank Sheeran. The film will utilize extensive de-aging technology to tell its time-spanning story.

Obviously because of the players involved, this movie is already getting Oscar buzz. It’s too early to know if it’ll be a serious contender, but we know Netflix is respected in the industry now, so it being a Netflix release won’t hurt its chances.

In addition to the festival announcement, they also released two images from the movie.

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