Check Out The First Image Of Dennis Quaid As Ronald Reagan In Upcoming Biopic

A Ronald Regan biopic will be coming soon to a theater near you, and Dennis Quaid will be playing the former president.

The movie, which was directed by Sean McNamara, was adapted from conservative author Paul Kengor’s book, The Crusader: Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Communism.

It follows Reagan as a child, as a young man coming up in Hollywood (played by Wizards of Waverly Place alum David Henrie), and eventually as president, into the later years of his life. Reagan’s role as Screen Actors Guild president and the fight he led against Communism in the industry will also feature in the movie.

Entertainment Weekly talked to Quaid about being offered the role, and he admits that he was shocked at first.

I didn’t understand why they were offering me Ronald Reagan because I just didn’t see it. I admired him so much, and so I had a chill of fear go down my spine when I was offered it. That’s usually kind of a sign that maybe I should do it, because it’s out of my comfort zone.

Given that we’re in such a turbulent political climate, some people are worried about releasing a film like this right now, but the filmmakers promise that it’s not a partisan film.

The way the film is set up, it’s not Democrats-are-good, Republicans-are-bad or vice versa. it’s more about: There was totalitarianism in the world and Americans together helped to end that. My hope is that it’s a movie that doesn’t divide, but unifies.

It’s set to hit theaters in early 2022.

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