Check Out John Boyega In First Look Image For ‘Naked Singularity’

‘Star Wars‘ actor John Boyega has been one of the more vocal celebrities on the Black Lives Matter movement. He’s been constantly posting online about the movement and has not held back with his wording, calling out white racists on his social media accounts.

And it looks like the studio behind his most recent film wants to take advantage of his name being in the headlines.

A first look image of John Boyega in the film ‘Naked Singularity‘ was shared on Variety this week.

Naked Singularity centers on a rising star in the New York public defenders’ office (Boyega) who starts to question the criminal justice system after losing a case that results in his suspension.

Doubting all he has worked for, and on the edge of a mental breakdown, his life unravels as he is pulled into a high-stakes heist by a unpredictable young defendant (Olivia Cooke).

This movie marks the directorial debut of Chase Palmer, the writer behind the 2017 ‘It‘ film.

Naked Singularity is expected to be released later this year. Hopefully a trailer is released soon!

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