Check Out Awkwafina Flex Her Acting Skills In Trailer For A24 Dramedy ‘The Farewell’

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If you thought Awkwafina was destined to be a comedic side character for the rest of her Hollywood career, well, you don’t know how talented she is.

But that’s okay, ’cause you’re about to find out. Awkwafina stars in the upcoming A24 dramedy film, The Farewell. She plays a Chinese-born, U.S.-raised woman who discovers that her grandmother (who lives in China) is dying of cancer.

Collider explains:

But instead of telling the grandmother she’s dying, the family has decided to keep it a secret, ensuring her happiness until her death. Under the pretense of a wedding for the young woman’s cousin, the family assembles in China for one last goodbye to a grandmother who thinks it’s a celebration, and Awkwafina’s notoriously emotional character struggles to contain her sadness.

This film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and it was a hit with the critics and the audience. With 35 reviews counted, the film has a comfortable 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The Farewell will hit theaters July 12, 2019, and it’s going to open a lot of doors for Awkwafina.

Check out the trailer below…




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