Check Out The Hilarious Redband Trailer For ‘Father Figures’ Starring Owen Wilson And Ed Helms

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Owen Wilson and Ed Helms are trying to keep the outrageous, Hangover-style comedy alive with their latest film, Father Figures. The movie was originally titled Bastards, but the studio decided to change it. We’re not why, since Father Figures kinda gives off a more wholesome vibe, and as you can clearly see in the video below, there is nothing wholesome about this movie.

The two stars play twins Kyle and Peter Reynolds in the comedy. Early on in the film, they discover their mother (thanks to the free love of the 70s) doesn’t know who their true father is.

So they decided to narrow the search down to a few options, and then set out on a road trip to meet with the candidates. Terry Bradshaw, J.K. Simmons and Christopher Walken play the potential fathers. Katt Williams also stars as a hitchhiker/possible serial killer.

Father Figures is set to hit theaters December 22, 2017.

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