Battle Los Angeles Review

Before watching the movie was struck by the amount of bad press that the movie was getting.
I must admit that I have a soft spot for these apocalyptic flicks and the movie was looking very good. From the reviews I read, it seems that people were expecting to see a deeper unique film, so I am not surprised at the disappointment.

Truth be told there isn’t a great deal to say about the story, it’s not different from the Independence day or any other Alien invasion movie out there, but what made it stand out to me was the way the sorry was told and most importantly, the mood and feel set by the Director and DP.

I really think something slightly unique was achieved here, we have seen this time of camera flow in other movies like Cloverfield but never quite like in this scale. Technically everything was marvelously done, even when you saw the aliens you didn’t feel completely disappointed (remember Signs?)

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IMAX: Hubble 3D Review

I am a documentary geek, love them and chase them like a groupie! Being a Sci Fi enthusiastic was really excited about this one, the reviews were great, narration supposedly amazing and the imagery well, when I saw the trailer to Imax: Hubble 3D got all hyped up!

Change our view of the Universe… ah yes finally something significant, something that will reach in to the depths of my mind and soul, this was about to be awesome!

Unfortunately there are no IMAX theaters nearby so I had to see the movie in a normal mortal resolution.
So I was sitting down in that comfy theater chair waiting to be delighted by Leonardo Dicaprio’s voice, what else could a girl ask for? Leo and the Starts in the solitude of space with the Earth as a back light…Haaaaa life was good…that is until… Zzzzzzzzz Hun, did you say something? Ah yes, until I literally fell asleep!

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The Kings Speech Review

There are some directors that just get it; Tom Hooper is one of them. Before I start, I would like to thank the entire cast of this film, particularly David Seidler who wrote this beautiful screenplay and reminded me why I love movies so much.

The Kings Speech is a perfect example of how a well driven story can completely immerse a spectator in a much deeper level than special effects and visuals ever can.

From the moment the film starts to the last scene I am completely emerged in the story, I loose myself in the overwhelming fear and insecurity of a Man that carries a burden that he didn’t chose, and can’t escape from. The characters were so intense and had so much presence that you couldn’t help it but live the story with and through them every step of the way as the narrative unfolds.

Every time the King had to make a speech, I could feel his agony and fear, the anxiety he felt with every word that came out of his mouth was so contagious that I almost felt myself trembling every time he got close to a microphone.

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London Boulevard Review

Had no expectations what so ever, and as I found out, I am glad I didn’t.

London Boulevard is one of those films that had everything it needed, but just disassembled as the story progressed.

The film completely fails to establish a coherent and logical connection between the main characters; they always seem as if they are completely disconnected from each other, but most importantly from the main story. A good example of this is the relationship between Mitchell and his homeless friend. This is relevant because this relationship triggers the main plots direction.

You never understand why is it that the death of the homeless guy had such a big impact on Mitchell, where did they meet? What was their past together?


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Season of the Witch Review

Felt like kicking things off with the first Review. Pedro, keep note that it seems that faith has dictated that the first review of the site was do be submitted by yours truly, perks and future benefits to be discussed on a later date if you don’t mind!

Anyway, I really wanted to start his off on a positive note but… Nick, oh Nick you just had to…you had to do it again… (and believe me, Nick Cage is just one of the many things that are wrong with this movie)

If you haven’t seen the movie, please do read this review so that I can completely spoil the movie for you and save you some money in the process, and quite possibly mental hardship and therapy seasons.

Seriously, if you like to hurt yourself mentally and need to see this flick, don’t read my review because it will take away that masochistic pleasure from you.

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