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January 18, 2014 - 0 Comments

War Porn? Lone Survivor, the most recent movie based on American troops fighting the Taliban, would come off as a heavy handed recruiting effort, if it wasn’t so darn sad. Honestly, the movie is a...

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December 22, 2013 - 0 Comments

The Great Exploitation I want to start this review off by saying I love Madea. She is the elderly, angry black woman that I would like to grow to be some day. In almost every...

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December 16, 2013 - 0 Comments

Oldboy or should I say “Ohhh Boy” Oldboy is a psychological thriller, which tries a bit too hard to be a psychological thriller. The premise is this. For no reason that he knows Joe Doucett...

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December 13, 2013 - 0 Comments

Home Front? I should have Stayed Home If we have learned anything from movies, it is that all small towns are filled with drug dealers, serial killers, racists, ghosts, rampant child molesters and more. Based...

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November 12, 2013 - 1 Comments

Thor: The Dark World – De Ja Pew! I’ll be honest; I didn’t think the original was that great. But hey, I’m a crowd follower and everyone else was going to it, so why not?...

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November 3, 2013 - 0 Comments

Hard to Be Scared of Haunter Haunter was a new twist on an old idea. A haunted house story…normal. A haunted house story from the ghost’s perspective…not so normal. In Haunter, ghost teenager Lisa Johnson...

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